(a)    An owner or manager, or his agent or employee, of a bookstore, newsstand, theater or other commercial establishment engaged in selling materials or exhibiting performances, who, in the course of business:
      (1)    Possesses five or more identical or substantially similar obscene articles, having knowledge of the character, is presumed to possess them in violation of Section 666.12(a).
      (2)    Does any of the acts prohibited by Section 666.11 or 666.12, is presumed to have knowledge of the character of the material or performance involved if he or she has actual notice of the nature of such material or performance whether or not he or she has precise knowledge of its contents.
   (b)    Without limitation on the manner in which such notice may be given, actual notice of the character of material or a performance may be given in writing by the chief legal officer of the Municipality. Such notice, regardless of the manner in which it is given, shall identify the sender, identify the material or performance involved, state whether it is obscene or harmful to juveniles, and bear the date of such notice.
   (c)    Sections 666.11 and 666.12 do not apply to a motion picture operator or projectionist acting within the scope of his employment as an employee of the owner or manager of a theater or other place for the showing of motion pictures to the general public and having no managerial responsibility or financial interest in his place of employment, other than wages.
(ORC 2907.35)