A.   Preliminary Plat: Any owner or owners of a tract of land in the Village desiring to develop a subdivision shall submit to the President and Board of Trustees two (2) copies of a plat for the use and development of the proposed subdivision in tentative form. Said plat shall hereinafter be designated as a "preliminary plat" and shall conform to the following requirements:
      1.   Every lot shall have an area of not less than six thousand (6,000) square feet. Every lot shall have a minimum width of sixty feet (60') and a depth of not less than one hundred feet (100').
      2.   Said plat shall be drawn to a scale of not smaller than one hundred feet to the inch (1" = 100').
      3.   All section lines, adjacent subdivision lines, street and alley lines, watercourses and existing features pertinent to a proper subdivision shall be shown.
      4.   The name of the proposed subdivision and name of owner, or trustee as owner, are to be shown.
      5.   The width of all proposed streets and roads with their proposed names, alleys, lots, easements and building lines on property proposed to be subdivided and the full width of streets bounding the proposed street names shall conform to existing streets, if possible and logical, and shall not conflict with other names in the territory. The minimum width of streets and roads shall be fifty feet (50') with the placement of the curb lines to provide a minimum width of traveled way of thirty feet (30').
      6.   All lot lines shall be shown and the lots properly numbered or lettered. Building lines and easements shall be shown and determined by measurements.
      7.   No lot or combination of lots shall be resubdivided for building purposes not producing at least six thousand (6,000) square feet.
      8.   The subdivider shall provide all curbs, gutters, and a road of seven inches (7") of compacted gravel.
      9.   The subdivider shall stipulate that he will grade, drain and surface all streets shown on plat and maintain them in good repair for one year thereafter, at which time, the Village shall assume the maintenance thereof.
      10.   When laying utilities, the subdivider shall provide a stub for future openings for each lot. (Ord. 405, 8-15-1955)
      11.   Where the subdivider contemplates a change in classification of the subdivision, as to zoning, the owner shall present a request for such change indicating the areas desired and present the required change to the Zoning Board of Appeals. (Ord. 405, 8-15-1955; amd. 2016 Code)
   B.   Final Plat: Within ninety (90) days after approval of the preliminary plat, the original tracing of the final plat made in accordance with the preliminary plat, together with a print thereof, shall be submitted to the Village President and Board of Trustees. Such final plat shall bear a certificate of approval by the Village President and Board of Trustees. (Ord. 405, 8-15-1955)