A.   No map or plat of a subdivision of lands situated in the Village, or of any addition thereto, shall have any force, validity or effect, or be recorded by the Recorder of Peoria County, until the same shall have been approved by the Village Board of Trustees and so certified by the Village Clerk. (1914 Code § 12-1)
   B.   No such map, plat or subdivision shall be approved until the same shall be certified by a competent surveyor and acknowledged by the owner, as provided by the general laws of this State, and said owner or owners shall make oath that they believe that they are the owners in fee of the property described in said plat, and shall furnish the certificate of a reputable attorney that he has examined the title to said property and has found the fee thereof to be in the person making such plat, and that such property is free from incumbrance, or if there is any incumbrance on said property, the persons holding such incumbrance shall join in said plat and consent thereto in writing, such consent being written upon said plat and properly acknowledged. (1914 Code § 12-3)
   C.   The Village Board of Trustees shall require a duplicate copy of such map, plat or subdivision, if approved thereby, to be filed in the Office of the Village Clerk. (1914 Code § 12-4)