The following definitions shall apply to this chapter:
   GARBAGE: Refuse resulting from the handling, processing, preparation, cooking and consumption of food or food products.
   LANDSCAPE WASTE: Any vegetable or plant refuse, except garbage and refuse. The term includes trees, tree trimmings, branches, stumps, brush, weeds, leaves, grass, shrubbery, and yard trimmings. The term does not include construction lumber of any kind.
   OPEN BURNING: The combustion of any matter in such a way that the products of the combustion are emitted to the open air without originating in or passing through equipment so designed for that purpose.
   REFUSE: Any discarded matter, or any matter which is to be reduced in volume or otherwise changed in chemical or physical properties in order to facilitate its discard, removal or disposal. (Ord. 1053, 1-3-1991)