(a)   Legislative Findings. Council finds that structures that are vacant and open to entry at doors, windows or other points accessible to the general public:
      (1)   Attract children to enter;
      (2)   Become a harborage for vermin;
      (3)   Serve as a temporary abode for vagrants and criminals;
      (4)   Are likely to be damaged by vandals or set ablaze by arsonists;
      (5)   Often become dilapidated because they are not repaired by the owners or persons in control of the structures;
      (6)   Depress the market value of surrounding properties; and
      (7)   Invite the dumping of garbage and rubbish thereupon.
   (b)   Building Official to Secure. Whenever the Building Official finds a vacant structure open to entry at doors, windows or other points accessible to the general public, the Official may cause the structure to be secured at those points of entry. The Building Official shall be authorized at any time to enter upon the premises and secure the structure in order to lessen the severity of risk caused by the dangerous building. In securing such structure, the Building Official may call upon any department of the Municipality or whatever assistance may be necessary, and may, by private contract, secure such structure. Such securing shall not be deemed to constitute effective boarding pursuant to subsection (c) hereof, and shall not abate the necessity to repair or remove the dangerous building. The notice of violation shall include the fact that the Building Official has found it necessary to take appropriate action to secure the structure.
   (c)   Effective Boarding Pending Repair or Removal.
      (1)   Materials. The effective boarding of a structure shall include, but not be limited to doors, windows or other areas of the structure open to ingress or egress and to weather elements at any and all levels of the structure. Such opening shall be secured by plywood, not less than one-half inch thick, or other materials of equal strength, cut and fit into the openings. Openings in excess of forty-eight inches wide shall be framed by two inches on center onto frame. The plywood or equivalent material shall be fastened into the openings by screw type nail or lag screws.
      (2)   Maintenance. Upon effectively boarding the structure, the owner shall monitor and maintain the structure and its surrounding premises in a safe, sanitary and secured condition. Any portion of the exterior structure that is deemed to be potentially hazardous due to deteriorated conditions or it being structurally unsound shall be removed or treated in such a manner so as to eliminate the hazard. The exterior premises shall be maintained free from high weeds, debris, junk vehicles, and conditions that may provide harborage for rodents. Failure of the owner to properly maintain the building in the above condition will result in the structure being deemed a public nuisance and scheduled for repair or removal.
      (3)   Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation shall commence on a time table approved by the Building Official. If rehabilitation of the effectively boarded building does not commence on the approved time table or if the permits are otherwise invalidated or revoked, then the Building Official may declare that the nuisance has not been abated and schedule the structure for repair or removal.
(Ord. 7-2016. Passed 8-8-16.)