Any and all costs incurred under this chapter shall be paid by the owner of such building or structure. The owner shall reimburse the Municipality for all expenses, including but not limited to the cost of securing, boarding, vacating, repairing or demolishing the dangerous building.
   If any person fails to comply with any lawful order of the Building Official within the time limit specified in such order, the Building Official shall cause such building to be secured, effectively boarded, vacated, repaired or demolished, as the facts may warrant, under the standards provided for in this chapter. Council, with the assistance of the Building Official, shall cause the costs of such securing, boarding, vacating, repair, or demolition, including the costs of service or publication of notice, to be certified to the Village Fiscal Officer, who shall certify the aforesaid costs to the County Fiscal Officer, together with the proper description of the premises for placing the same on the tax duplicate, together with all interest and penalties allowed by law. From the date of entry, a lien shall vest on the premises in accordance with Ohio R.C. 715.261.
   Notwithstanding the power and authority to certify a lien set forth in this section, nothing shall abrogate nor limit any other rigth of recovery the Municipality may have. The Solicitor shall take any action necessary to collect the costs incurred under this chapter from the owner or other responsible party.
(Ord. 7-2016. Passed 8-8-16.)