A person finding a stray animal is to notify the humane society within 48 hours. At the discretion of the humane society, the animal may be kept by the finder and a found pet report left with the Department, to enable the finder an opportunity to return the animal to its rightful owner. Upon demand by the humane society, any found animal will be surrendered and held for a minimum of seven days before a disposition is made. A person finding an animal is obligated to comply with all rules and regulations of this chapter pertaining to humane care and treatment of animals, while the animal is in custody awaiting return to its actual owner. With the exception of the humane society for the town, the finder will be considered the found animal's owner for the purpose of this section only after the animal is in the finder's custody for 30 continuous days.
(Ord. 2015-03, passed 4-9-15)