(A)   Alleged noise disturbance violations shall be investigated on a complaint basis and only when the person or persons making the complaint contacts the Pembroke Pines Police Department or Code Enforcement Division stating the details of the complaint.
   (B)   The city may prosecute violators of Pembroke Pines Noise Abatement Code pursuant to §§ 32.035 through 32.053 of the Code or by issuance of a city ordinance citation. If by citation, the penalty for a violation shall be as provided in § 10.99 of the Code.
   (C)   Each occurrence shall constitute a separate violation.
   (D)   Nothing in this section shall be construed to preclude or prohibit the enforcement of the Pembroke Pines Noise Abatement Code by any other available legal means.
(Ord. 1486, passed 6-16-04)