(A)   When applicable, sound shall be measured with a sound level meter.
   (B)   The sound level shall be measured at a distance no closer to the point from which the sound in question is emanating than the property line of the parcel or lot from which the sound is emanating.
   (C)   A measurement period shall not be less than ten minutes in duration.
   (D)   The sound being measured shall be representative of the sound which instigated the complaint.
   (E)   A measurement shall be recorded so as to secure and ensure an accurate representation of the sound.
   (F)   A measurement should be taken at approximately five feet above the ground or water surface away from any obstruction or reflecting surface.
   (G)   When necessary, a microphone windscreen shall be required to avoid wind noise biasing of a measurement.
   (H)   All manufacturer’s directions on the operation of the sound level meter shall be followed (such as proper microphone angle).
   (I)   All sound level meters used for measurement shall be in conformance with ANSI section 1.4-1983, as amended.
   (J)   All octave and third octave band filter sets of the sound level meter shall be in conformance with ANSI section 1.11-1976, as amended.
   (K)   Calibration of all instruments, components, and attachments shall conform to the ANSI standards, as amended.
   (L)   Instrumentation for sound level measurements maybe class 1 or class 2 (ANSI section 1.4-1971), as amended.
   (M)   Measurements of sound shall be made by individuals trained in a noise measurement program.
(Ord. 1486, passed 6-16-04)