12.04.010: Right To Condemn
12.04.020: Right To Order New Construction
12.04.030: Proposed Improvement; Committee Report; Required Information
12.04.040: Proposed Improvement; Committee Report; Affirmative Council Resolution; Requirements
12.04.050: Proposed Improvement; Notice Of Hearing
12.04.060: Proposed Improvement; Conduct Of Hearing
12.04.070: Proposed Improvement; Council Decision; Methods Of Action When Affirmative
12.04.080: Proposed Improvement; Council's Order Final Subject To Court Appeal
12.04.090: Failure Of Owner To Comply; City Action
12.04.100: By Or On Behalf Of City; Required Procedure
12.04.110: By Or On Behalf Of City; Costs And Expenses; City Liability
12.04.120: By Or On Behalf Of City; Cost Assessment; Recordkeeping; Lien On Property
12.04.130: Lien On Property; Notification Of Owner; Protest Procedure
12.04.140: By Or On Behalf Of City; Cost Assessments; Collection Procedure
12.04.150: Specification Conformity Generally
12.04.160: Application; Required Information; Establishment Of Line And Grade
12.04.170: Sidewalks To Be Concrete
12.04.180: Supervision And Inspection; Conformity With Standard Specifications
12.04.190: Standard Specifications; Nonconformity; Rebuilding Or Repairing Required
12.04.200: Injuring Or Defacing; Declared Misdemeanor
12.04.210: Obstructions; Permission Required; Violation Declared Misdemeanor; Process Of Obtaining A Permit (Rep. by Ord. 1284 § 1, 2007)
12.04.220: Taking Down Or Removing Barricades Declared Misdemeanor
12.04.230: Parking Strips; Filling Required; Vegetation Permissible; Violation Declared Misdemeanor
12.04.240: Ground Between Curb And Property Lines; Unlawful Acts
12.04.250: Specifications Designated
12.04.260: Construction In City Streets (Rep. by Ord. 1284 § 2, 2007)
12.04.270: Minimum Right Of Way On Section And Quarter Section Lines