A.   Impounding: Any dog found running at large contrary to the provisions of this chapter may be apprehended by any designated city employee and shall be impounded; provided, however, that if any dog so found at large cannot be safely taken up and impounded, such dog may be slain forthwith. Such dog shall be impounded and disposed of in accordance with provisions in this chapter. Any action taken by a police officer, ordinance officer, or other designated city employee, in the performance of his duties, that requires the death, injury, or destruction of a dangerous or vicious dog found running at large, shall not be considered to be cruel or inhumane treatment of the animal.
   B.   Period Of Confinement; Records: Any dog which bites any person and causes a break in the skin of that person, regardless if the bite is provoked or unprovoked, or is suspected of having rabies, shall be seized and impounded for a period of ten (10) days as required by Idaho state law. The chief of police and health department shall be so notified and the animal disposed of only under their direction. A complete registry shall be kept of every dog so impounded, entering the breed, color and sex of such dog, whether licensed, and time and place of taking. If licensed, the name and address of the owner and the number of the license tag shall be entered.
   C.   Impoundment Fees: For impounding a dog running at large, the owner thereof shall pay to the City a fee as set by resolution for the taking up of such animal. Said impoundment fees shall be paid to the City Clerk's Office. Prior to the release of any dog impounded for running at large, the owner shall provide proof that he has possession of a current City of Payette license tag for said dog.
   D.   Care Of Impounded Animals: Any animal impounded under the provisions of this chapter shall be provided with proper care, food, and water while so confined. (Ord. 1467 § 1, 2019: Ord. 1400, 2015)