It shall be unlawful for any person to place or maintain guard dogs, as defined in section 6.08.010 of this chapter, in any area for the protection of persons or property unless the following provisions are met:
   A.   The dogs shall be confined to an enclosed area adequate to ensure they will not escape; or
   B.   They shall be under the absolute control of a handler at all times when not securely enclosed; and
   C.   In either subsection A or B of this section, the owner or other persons in control of the premises upon which a guard dog is maintained shall post warning signs on, over or next to all exterior doors stating that such dog is on the premises. At least one such sign shall be posted at each driveway or entranceway to said premises. Such signs shall be in lettering clearly visible from either the curb line or a distance of fifty feet (50'), whichever is less, and shall contain a telephone number where some person responsible for controlling such guard dog can be reached twenty four (24) hours a day; and
   D.   Prior to the placing of a guard dog on any property, the person or persons responsible for the placing shall inform the police chief, ordinance officer, the fire department and any utilities who have personnel that come upon premises or any business that is invited to come or send employees upon the premises, in writing, of their intention to post said dog or dogs, the number of dogs to be posted, the location where said dog or dogs will be posted, the approximate length of time said dog or dogs will be guarding the area, the daily hours said dog or dogs will be guarding the area, the breed, sex, age and rabies tag number of said dog or dogs. Such notice must be renewed every six (6) months. (Ord. 1400, 2015)