6.08.030: LICENSE TAGS:
   A.   Tag To Be Worn: Every owner shall be required to provide each dog a collar or harness to which the license tag must be securely affixed, and shall ensure that the collar and the tag are constantly worn. The absence of the license tag on a dog's collar shall be prima facie evidence that said dog has not been legally licensed. Show dogs, during showing, are exempted from wearing the collar and tag.
   B.   Lost Tag: A duplicate or replacement tag shall be issued by the City Clerk upon payment as set by resolution for each tag so issued to replace the original tag which was lost or destroyed.
   C.   Unlawful To Remove: No person shall remove or cause to be removed the collar or tag from any licensed dog without consent of the owner, keeper or harborer thereof. (Ord. 1402, 2016: Ord. 1400, 2015)