This chapter shall provide a uniform standard for the erection of tower cranes and mobile cranes within the City of Paxton, Illinois, on applicable threshold buildings that are buildings greater than 25 feet in height. This  chapter  shall  be  of  uniform applicability throughout the city. The following hoisting equipment is specifically exempted from the  application of this chapter:
   (A)   Mobile cranes having a boom length of less than 25 feet or a maximum rated load capacity of less than 15,000 pounds;
   (B)   Electric line trucks;
   (C)   Aerial work platforms or boom supported platforms covered by the ANSI/SIA A92 series of standards; and
   (D)   Taxi/mobile rough terrain cranes, boom trucks, and lattice boom crawler cranes with a limited use of 15 consecutive calendar days or less.
(Ord. 11-16, passed 6-13-11)