A.   Upon receipt of an application properly filed with the city clerk and upon payment of the nonrefundable application fee, the city clerk or his/her designee, shall immediately stamp the application as received and shall immediately thereafter send photocopies of the application to the city police department and any other city divisions or agencies responsible for enforcement of health, fire and building codes and laws. Each division or agency shall promptly conduct an investigation of the applicant, application and the proposed sexually oriented business in accordance with its responsibilities under law and as set forth in this chapter. Said investigation shall be completed within twenty (20) days of receipt of the application by the city or its designee. At the conclusion of its investigation, each department or agency shall indicate on the photocopy of the application its approval or disapproval of the application, date it, sign it, and, in the event it disapproves, state the reasons therefor. The city police department shall only be required to certify the NCIC records request check mentioned in section 8-19-11 of this chapter. The city police department shall not be required to approve or disapprove applications.
   B.   The city council shall disapprove an application if it finds that the proposed sexually oriented business will be in violation of any provision of any statute, code, ordinance, regulation or other law in effect in the city. (Ord. 411, 8-14-2002)