(A)   It is hereby determined that the following uses, structures and activities are causes of blight or blighting factors which, if allowed to exist, will tend to result in blighted and undesirable neighborhoods and properties. On and after the effective date of this subchapter, no person, firm or corporation of any kind shall maintain or permit to be maintained any of these causes of blight or blighting factors upon any property in Parma Township owned, leased, rented or occupied by such person, firm or corporation.
      (1)   In any area, the storage upon any property of junk automobiles, except in a completely enclosed building. For the purpose of this subchapter, the term JUNK AUTOMOBILES shall include any motor vehicle which is not licensed for use upon the highways of the State of Michigan, and shall also include, whether so licensed or not, any motor vehicle which is inoperative.
      (2)   In any area, the storage upon any property of building materials unless there is in force a valid building permit issued by Parma Township for construction upon said property and said materials are intended for use in connection with such construction. Building materials shall include but shall not be limited to lumber, bricks, concrete or cinder blocks, plumbing materials, electrical wiring or equipment, heating ducts or equipment, shingles, mortar, concrete or cement, nails, screws, or any other materials used in constructing any structure.
      (3)   In any area, the storage or accumulation of junk, trash, rubbish or refuse of any kind without a landfill permit, except domestic refuse stored in such a manner as not to create a nuisance for a period not to exceed ten days. The term JUNK shall include parts of machinery or motor vehicles, unused stoves or other appliances stored in the open, remnants of woods, metal or any other material or other cast-off material of any kind whether or not the same could be put to any reasonable use.
      (4)   In any area, the existence of any structure or part of any structure which, because of fire, wind or other natural disaster, or physical deterioration is no longer habitable, if a dwelling, nor useful for any other purpose of which it may have been intended.
      (5)   In any area, the existence of any vacant dwelling, garage or other out-building unless such buildings are kept securely locked, windows kept glazed or neatly boarded up and otherwise protected to prevent entrance thereto by vandals, or other unauthorized persons.
      (6)   In any area, the existence of any partially completed structure unless such structure is in the course of construction in accordance with a valid and subsisting building permit issued by the township and unless such construction is completed within a reasonable time.
   (B)   This subchapter shall not prevent the lawful operation of a junk yard as outlined in Chapter 111, auto repair and/or auto body repair shop, or licensed merchant engaged in the sales of building materials.
(Ord. 20-13, passed 10-13-2020)