TITLE FIVE - Administrative
            Chap. 141.   Mayor.
            Chap. 142.   Director of Administration, Personnel and Intergovernmental Relations.
            Chap. 143.   Department of Law.
            Chap. 145.   Department of Finance.
            Chap. 147.   Department of Public Service.
            Chap. 149.   Department of Public Safety.
            Chap. 151.   Department of Police.
            Chap. 153.   Department of Fire.
            Chap. 155.   Department of Recreation.
            Chap. 157.   Department of Public Information and Public Relations.
            Chap. 158.   Director of Human Resources.
            Chap. 159.   Municipal Engineer.
            Chap. 161.   Building Inspector.
            Chap. 163.   Boards and Commissions Generally.
            Chap. 165.   Civil Service Commission.
            Chap. 167.   Building Commission.
            Chap. 169.   Recreation Commission.
            Chap. 170.   Fair Housing Review Board.
            Chap. 171.   Moral Claims Commission. (Repealed)
            Chap. 172.   Public Properties Commission.
            Chap. 173.   Planning Commission.
            Chap. 175.   Board of Zoning Appeals.
            Chap. 176.   Community Improvement Corporation.
            Chap. 177.   Board of Tax Appeals.
            Chap. 179.   Employees Generally.