373.01    Code application to bicycles.
373.02   Traffic laws apply to bicycles; exceptions.
373.03   Obedience to traffic control devices.
373.04   Bicycle seat; manner of riding.
373.05   Number of persons riding.
373.06   Riding on roadways and bicycle paths.
373.07   Speed.
373.08   Emerging from alley or driveway.
373.09   Clinging to vehicles.
373.10   Carrying articles.
373.11   Parking.
373.12   Riding on sidewalks.
373.13   Lights and other equipment on bicycles.
373.14   Children under twelve.
373.15   Registration of bicycles.
373.16   Operation and use of pocket-bike or mini-bike; exemptions.
373.17   Motorized bicycle; operation and use.
373.99   Penalty.
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   Authority to regulate bicycle operation - see W. Va. Code 17C-2-8(a)(8)
   Bicycle defined - see TRAF. 301.05
   Special stops required - see TRAF. Art. 341