Permits and Fees
1709.01    Plans and specifications of electrical work must be submitted to Code Enforcement Division.
1709.02   Bond and permit required for electrical work; exception.
1709.03   Inspection required before wiring covered.
1709.04   Permits for owners doing electrical work.
1709.05   Inspection of building occupied by business requiring City license.
1709.06   Building permit fees.
1709.07   Electrical permit fees.
1709.08   Electrical reinspection fees.
      Authority to require permits - see W. Va. Code 8-12-14
      Municipal inspection - see W. Va. Code 8-12-15
      Building permit regulations - see P. & Z. 1331.02 et seq.
      Sign permit and fee - see BLDG. 1755.01 et seq.
      Grading permit and fee - see BLDG. 1759.02 et seq.