6-3-7: KENNELS:
   A.   Permit Requirements:
      1.   Permit Required: Any person who owns, maintains or harbors more than five (5) animals of the same species over four (4) months of age must obtain a kennel permit. (1988 Code § 6-2-9)
      2.   Permit Fees: The kennel permit fees and any fees for  delinquent payments shall be determined by the council by resolution and shall expire on January 1 and shall be delinquent February 1. No kennel permit fee shall be prorated or refunded nor shall the permit be transferable.
   B.   Requirements: The following provisions, except where inconsistent, shall apply to animal kennels:
      1.   Payment Of Fee; Notice: It shall be the duty of the owner of the kennel to pay the kennel fee imposed to the town enforcement agent on or before February 1 in each year or upon establishing a kennel in the town. The town enforcement agent shall cause a notice of the necessity of paying such kennel permit fee to be printed in a newspaper of general circulation within the town at least once before February 1 of each year.
      2.   Register Kept:
         a.   The permittee shall retain the name, address and telephone number of the owner of each boarded animal and the license number of each animal. This register must be exhibited to the town enforcement agent or his deputy upon demand. (1988 Code § 6-2-9; amd. 2004 Code)
         b.   The permittee shall retain the name and address of each person selling, trading or giving any animal to the kennel.
      3.   Noise And Odor Control: The permittee shall operate the kennel so as to eliminate excessive or untimely noise from animals and offensive odors from the kennel.
      4.   Sick Animals: The permittee shall provide an isolation ward for sick animals, sufficiently removed so as not to endanger the health of other animals.
      5.   Problems With Animals; Owner Notified: The permittee shall notify the owner of a boarded animal when such animal refuses to eat or drink, causing it to lose weight, or when such animal is injured or becomes weak or ill.
   C.   Additional Requirements For Dogs And Cats: In addition to the provisions of subsection B of this section, caged areas shall contain no less than twenty (20) square feet per any dog or cat boarded, and the outside run area shall be no less than forty (40) square feet per dog or cat. (1988 Code § 6-2-9)