6-3-6: PET SHOPS:
   A.   Conditions And Restrictions:
      1.   Sick, Injured Animals:
         a.   No sick or injured animal maintained on the premises of a pet shop shall be offered for sale.
         b.   Animals receiving medical care and quarantined animals shall not be commingled.
      2.   Young Animals: Animals which are unweaned or so young that their sale would be injurious to them shall not be sold, offered for sale nor given away.
      3.   Required Space For Dogs And Cats: Dogs and cats kept in pet shops shall be caged so that each animal is afforded no less than twenty (20) square feet in area per each dog or cat; except, that dogs and cats maintained less than twenty four (24) hours or who are less than twenty (20) pounds in weight shall be caged so that each animal is afforded not less than eight (8) square feet. (1988 Code § 6-2-8)
      4.   Health And Sanitary Conditions Of Premises And Cages:
         a.   Premises where animals are kept shall be vented to the external air and be adequately lighted to provide visibility.
         b.   The premises shall be properly plumbed, having adequate supply of water readily accessible to the portions of the premises in which the animals are kept.
         c.   Cages shall be concrete, tile or similar suitable, nonporous material.
         d.   The premises, implements, cages, yards, runs and appurtenances shall be kept clean, sanitary, free of animal parasites and droppings or other health hazards and shall be cleaned and disinfected at least daily.
      5.   Use For Human Habitation; Human Food Preparation Prohibited: No portion of a pet shop shall be used for human habitation, nor shall food for human consumption be prepared or served in the same room in which animals are kept.
   B.   Enforcement: The town enforcement agent shall be responsible for the enforcement of the provisions of this section regarding pet shops. The enforcement agent shall make such periodic inspections as he deems appropriate but in no event less than semiannually. (1988 Code § 6-2-8; amd. 2004 Code)