A.   Running At Large Prohibited:  Any person who keeps or causes to be kept any mules, burros, goats, sheep, fowl, or other livestock or poultry shall keep such livestock or poultry in a pen or similar enclosure to prevent their roaming at large within the corporate limits of the town. Any such livestock or poultry running at large may be impounded by the town enforcement agent or any police officer of the town.
   B.   Location Of Livestock Pens:  It is unlawful to keep, maintain or house any goat, mule, sheep, burro or ratite in the town within one hundred feet (100') of the nearest inhabited house or public meeting house on an adjoining property unless permitted to do so under subsection E of this section.
   C.   Location Of Poultry Of And Fowl Pens: It is unlawful to keep, maintain or house any poultry or fowl, within the Town of Parker within thirty feet (30') of the  nearest inhabited house or public meeting and five feet (5') from a shared property line.
   D.   Swine, Horse And Cattle: It is unlawful to keep or cause to be kept any horse or cattle in the Town of Parker. It is unlawful to keep or cause to be kept any swine or rooster in the Town of Parker unless permitted to do so under subsection E of this section.
   E.   Eligible Youth Livestock Program:
      1.   Exemptions From Provisions: The restrictions of subsections B, C and D of this section do not apply during the time period commencing one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the La Paz County fair, or two (2) or two hundred forty (240) days as applied to lambs and goats, and ending seven (7) days after the conclusion of the county fair to individuals who keep an animal for the purposes of the involvement of a household resident participating in a youth educational program sponsored or conducted by a nonprofit corporation or governmental entity. Under such circumstances, a household may keep, maintain or house up to three (3) such animals or the number of animals corresponding to the household's residents participating in such programs, whichever is less.
      2.   Permit Required; Fee: Any household wishing to keep, maintain or house an animal under this subsection shall provide the contact numbers of any program supervisors or leaders to surrounding residents within hone hundred feet (100') from the property line before obtaining a youth inspection livestock permit, at a fee established by resolution of the town council, from the town enforcement agent prior to the animal's arrival at the household. Town of Parker Code Enforcement may conduct an inspection of the premises prior to the issuance of a youth inspection livestock permit. Failure to comply with inspection may result in the denial or revocation of a youth livestock exemption permit.
      3.   Location Of Pens: Animal pens shall be set back a minimum of thirty feet (30') from neighbors' living quarters and no less than five feet (5') from the common property line. Pens must be adequate in size and constructed to prevent debris or waste from entering onto neighboring property. (Ord. 04-2020, 12-1-2020)