A.   Applicants for police registration under the terms of section 4-2-1 of this chapter shall be required to furnish two (2) satisfactory photographs of the applicant, one to be attached to the applicant's registration card and the other to be retained by the police department.
   B.   Applicants for registration as peddlers or solicitors shall submit a full set of fingerprints to the town police department for the purpose of obtaining a state and federal criminal records check.  The chief of police submit the fingerprints to the Arizona Department of Public Safety; pursuant to ARS 41-1750 and Public Law (PL) 92-544. DPS is authorized to exchange this fingerprint data with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
   C.   Such applicants for police registration shall be required to furnish to the police department a complete description of the product to be sold in the town, together with information regarding sales methods to be used and references that will enable the chief of police to determine whether or not such applicant is qualified to receive a registration card as provided in section 4-2-4 of this chapter. (1988 Code § 8-1-2; amd. Ord. 01-2021, 1-5-2021)