Notice of disconnection of water service shall consist of a mailing or hand delivery to the customer at least 10 days prior to the date of disconnection.  In the event of disconnection for nonpayment of the monthly bill, there shall be a disconnect/reconnect fee in the amount specified in the city’s current fee schedule, which must be paid in addition to the total amount of the bill and late fee, prior to reconnection of service.  The city shall have access to its meters, equipment, and other property located on a customer’s premises at all times and for the purposes connected with or in furtherance of its business operations, and may remove that property from the customer’s premises.  The city shall be under no duty or obligation to inspect, maintain, or repair the pipes, equipment, or facilities belonging to a customer, and shall not be liable for damages thereto or arising therefrom.
(Ord. 337, passed 4-9-1991; Am. Ord. 345, passed 2-11-1992; Am. Ord. 618, passed 1-22-2008)  Penalty, see § 51.99