§ 51.45  METERS.
   Each resident or primary structure shall be served by a separate water meter.  The water meter shall be a 3/4-inch diameter service on the outlet side with a 5/8-inch diameter opening.  Meters shall be installed in the easement in the center of the front property line.  Water service lines shall be 1-inch type K copper and shall be installed with a corporation stop at the main and an angle curb stop at the point of metering.  All fittings shall be brass.  The meter shall be set whereby the top of the meter is 8 inches below the final grade level centered in a box acceptable by the city.  All water meters shall be the property of the City Water Department.
(Ord. 337, passed 4-9-1991; Am. Ord. 345, passed 2-11-1992)  Penalty, see § 51.99