(A)   The fee for an itinerant merchant’s permit shall be $75.00, which permit shall entitle the itinerant merchant to transact such business within city limits for and during three (3) dates so specified. No transient merchant’s permit shall extend beyond the close of the calendar year in which it was obtained. Each permit shall bear the dates within the calendar year when the itinerant business is authorized to conduct business within the city pursuant to the permit. Should an itinerant business desire to conduct business within the city during any subsequent calendar year, it must renew the transient merchant’s permit for that calendar year in accordance with these sections of the Code of Ordinances, or apply for a regular occupational license under § 60.002. The fee for the transient merchant’s permit shall be in lieu of the annual net profits occupational license tax imposed in § 60.003.
   (B)   The foregoing provision in this section notwithstanding, however, an itinerant merchant conducting business within the city at a function or event put on by the city or at a fund-raising function, or at an event put on by a religious organization, a charitable organization, an educational institution, or a civic organization, shall not be required to procure a permit as to its participation in such a function or event, and the entity putting on the function or event shall be entitled to retain such event fee as it may assess to the itinerant merchant. However, that entity shall itself be required to obtain from the city a business event license for each such event at a cost of $100.00, which fee shall be in lieu of the permit fees that would otherwise be payable by all participating itinerant merchants.
(Ord. 2021-10, passed 8-24-21; Am. Ord. 2021-16, passed 9-28-21)