(A)   Term limits. The following definitions and policies shall apply to city boards and commissions, including the appointment made by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Commissioners to any joint board or commission to which the city holds an appointment.
      (1)   The length of term for each city-appointment to a board or commission is set forth in Kentucky Revised Statutes, the Code of Ordinances for the City of Paris, or the by-laws of the board or commission.
      (2)   A full term is defined as serving three-fourths or more of a term, whether it is an appointment to an annual vacancy or to an unscheduled vacancy.
      (3)   A partial term is defined as serving less than three-fourths of a term, whether it is an appointment to an annual vacancy or to an unscheduled vacancy.
      (4)   It is the policy of the City of Paris to look to new appointees to a board or commission after the expiration of an appointee's full term.  Before the expiration of any term for any city appointment to a board or commission, the Mayor shall consider a new appointee in addition to reappointing the current officeholder. If the Mayor deems re-appointment necessary to continue the current operation of the Board or Commission, the Mayor shall continue to hold the right and privilege to nominate or re-nominate any such appointee; however; a citizen appointment to any city or interagency board or commission is limited to three (3) consecutive terms.
      (5)   Serving a partial term shall not be counted as part of the third consecutive term limit.
      (6)   After serving the maximum number of consecutive terms allowed, a member may not serve again on the same board or commission until four (4) years after the member's final term has expired.
   (B)   Attendance at meetings. The following attendance policies apply to all appointees by the city to any boards or commissions.
      (1)   An absence is defined as a failure to attend two-thirds of a meeting.
      (2)   Each Board or Commission to which the city holds an appointment shall provide the City Clerk with a summary of attendance of city appointees in January and July of each year and covering a period of time for the preceding six (6) months and when a city appointee to the board or commission has been absent from two (2) meetings out of any six (6)  consecutive meetings.  The City Clerk shall collect each summary and report to the Board of Commissioners.
(Ord. 2019-13, passed 9-10-19)