The Enforcement Response Guide is provided to provide a basis for consistent and uniform enforcement procedures as follows:
   (A)   The purpose of this plan is to establish the guidelines for the city in the implementation of the pretreatment program.
   (B)   All SIU’s will be sampled on a monthly basis by an independent laboratory. These samples will be twenty-four (24) hour composite samples. Grab samples will be taken for any parameters that require grab samples. The laboratory will furnish a chain of custody form with the laboratory results. A copy of the test results will be sent to the industry and the Superintendent of the WWTP.
   (C)   Each industry will be issued a permit for the discharge of sewage to the wastewater treatment plant. This permit will give the sample point, parameters to be tested, sample type, and frequency. This permit will give the type of testing to be performed, i.e., scheduled, unscheduled, demand, etc.
   (D)   Each industry will be inspected a minimum of twice a year and will be inspected more often if necessary.
   (E)   The industry will be notified as to the date of the scheduled sampling. The industry will not be notified of the unscheduled sampling. The demand sampling will be done after a NOV has been issued.
   (F)   The independent laboratory will be given a copy of the parameters to be tested and the frequency of testing. Scheduled monitoring will be done four (4) times a year. Unscheduled monitoring will be done six (6) times a year. Demand testing will be done any time there is a violation and will be done within ten (10) days of receiving the test results.
   (G)   The industry will be notified by letter as to the violation and what they are required to do to get back in compliance. This will be sent within ten (10) days of receiving the laboratory results.
   (H)   Records will be kept at the WWTP of each inspection made, each sample taken, phone conversations, or meetings between industry representatives and POTW employees.
   (I)   Each industry will be required to submit a self-monitoring report twice a year in the months of February and August. This report will include laboratory results, any changes in hours of operation, number of employees, any changes in process or materials used, production rates, and water usage. This report is to be signed and returned to the Superintendent within twenty (20) days of the following month of self-monitoring.
   (J)   The WWTP has someone on-site seven (7) days a week. Should an emergency arise, the employee will notify the Superintendent. If the Superintendent cannot be reached, the employee will notify the City Manager or the City Engineer. All industries shall have the phone numbers of these officials to contact in case of an emergency.
   (K)   The enforcement response guide will be issued for all industries.
(Ord. 91-9, passed 6-11-91; Am. Ord. 2015-12, passed 8-7-15)