(A)   In cases where the Bourbon County Joint Planning Commission feels that drainage, soil conditions, steep topography, amounts of cut and fill or type of construction warrant, the Commission may require the posting of a maintenance bond or similar guarantee to cover workmanship, facility installation, and repair for a period of one (1) year after completion of the facility or after final plat approval, whichever occurs latest.
   (B)   The Joint Planning Commission may consult with the City Engineer, conservation district, or other qualified persons in seeking evidence to warrant the requirement of the one (1) year maintenance bond. The maintenance bond will commence on the date that the performance bond is released or completion of development is certified by the developer to the Planning Administrator or City Engineer. The Commission shall receive a favorable report of inspection by the City Engineer or Planning Administrator prior to the release of the one (1) year maintenance bond. The one (1) year maintenance bond inspection will cover faulty construction or conditions caused by construction of the development and necessary cleanup, not problems occurring from normal usage.
(Ord. 16-82, § III, passed 8-10-82)