§ 63.105 BOND
   (A)   Every permittee shall file with the City Manager a surety bond payable to the city in the amount of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000.00), in the discretion of the City Manager based on projected sales.
   (B)   The bond shall be conditioned that the permittee shall comply fully with all state laws regulating peddlers, canvassers, solicitors, transient merchants, itinerant merchants or itinerant vendors, as the case may be, and shall guarantee to any citizens of the city that all money paid as a down payment will be accounted for and further guaranteeing to any citizen of the city doing business with the permittee that the property purchased will be delivered according to the representations of the permittee.
   (C)   Action on the bond may be brought by any person aggrieved and for whose benefit, among others, the bond is given, but the surety may, by paying, pursuant to order of the court, the face amount of the bond to the Clerk of the Court in which the suit is commenced, and be relieved without costs of all further liability.
(Ord. 13-83, § 6, passed 5-13-83; Am. Ord. 2003-8, passed 6-10-03)