(A)   The following schedule of user charge rates shall apply to each user of the wastewater treatment works. This schedule includes rates for OM&R and rates for debt service charges, each based on the volume of metered or estimated water consumption.
(*To Become Effective with the 1/1/99 Billing)
            OM&R   Debt Service   Total User Chg.   Minimum Bill
Total Gallons         1000 gal.   1000 gal.   1000 gal.   = $10.66
Water Consumption       Rate     Service     Rate    (2,000) gal.
FROM      TO
0      2,000 gal.   $2.52      $2.81      $5.33
2,001      5,000 gal.   $2.52      $2.81      $5.33
5,001      10,000 gal.   $2.52      $2.81      $5.33
10,0001   25,000 gal.   $2.52      $2.81      $5.33
25,001   over         $2.52      $2.81      $5.33
   (B)   For residential, industrial, institutional, and commercial users, monthly user charges will be based on actual water usage. If a residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial user has a consumptive use of water, or, in some other manner, uses water which is not discharged into the wastewater collection system, the user charge for that contributor may be based on readings of a wastewater meter(s) or separate water meter(s) installed and maintained at the user’s expense.
   (C)   For those users whose wastewater has a greater strength than normal domestic wastewater, a surcharge, in addition to the normal user charge, will be collected.
      (1)   Surcharge rates. The following surcharge rates shall apply to each user of the treatment works that has received permission from the Superintendent or designated authority to contribute excessive strength sewage:
                  Surcharge Rates
   BOD               $ .20 per pound
   SS               $ .20 per pound
   Other pollutants (NH3N)      $ .17 per pound
      (2)   Method of billing surcharges. The excessive strength surcharge shall be based on a formula pursuant to subsection (D) below, with the total applied to the monthly bill of affected users.
   (D)   Example formula. (A(D-250) + B (E-250) + c (F-25)) x .00834 x G = surcharge payment ($/Mo.)
      (1)   Where formula components are as follows:
         (a)   Surcharge rate for BOD, in $/pound.
         (b)   Surcharge rate of SS, in $/pound.
         (c)   Surcharge rate for other pollutant(s) in $/pound.
         (d)   User’s average BOD concentration in mg/l.
         (e)   User’s average SS concentration, in mg/l.
         (f)   User’s average other pollutants concentration, in mg/l.
         (g)   User’s monthly flow to wastewater works, per 1,000 gallons.
      (2)   No reduction in wastewater service charges, fees, or taxes shall be permitted because of the fact that certain wastes discharged to the wastewater works contain less than 250 mg/l of BOD, 300 mg/l of SS, or 30 mg/l of other pollutant(s) (NH3N).
(Ord. 98-17, passed 8-18-98)