All source documents supporting any given transaction (receipts, purchase orders, invoices, RFP/RFQ data, and bid materials ) will be retained and filed in an appropriate manner.  Where feasible, source documents pertinent to each individual procurement shall be separately filed and maintained.  Where it is not feasible to maintain individual procurement files, source documents will be filed and maintained in a reasonable manner (e.g., chronologically, by vendor, by type of procurement, etc.).  Whatever form of documentation and filing is employed, the purpose of this section is to insure that a clear and consistent audit trail is established.  At a minimum, source document data must be sufficient to establish the basis for  selection,  basis  for cost (including the issue of reasonableness of cost) and basis for payment.
(Ord. 89-6, passed 2-28-89)
Cross reference:
   Penalty for violation, see § 23.999