This section applies when the Board of Commissioners or the City Manager is required by law, or voluntarily elects, to award a contract or make a purchase by a sealed bidding process. In such circumstances, the following procedure shall be used, except as otherwise required in this Code of Ordinances or by controlling law.
   (A)   All sealed bids shall be advertised to be received not less than seven (7) nor more than twenty-one (21) days prior to the date set for opening of bids.
   (B)   An advertisement shall be entered in the Bourbon County newspaper with the largest circulation within the jurisdiction of the city.
   (C)   The advertisement for bids may also be placed in other print or electronic publications when, in the judgment of the City Manager, the advertisements would best serve the interest of the city.
   (D)   Extensions of the bid opening date may be permitted when:
      (1)   Changes are made in specifications after advertisement;
      (2)   One or more bidders notify the City Manager’s office of discrepancies, errors or areas requiring clarification in the specifications;
      (3)   Specifications require design work on the part of bidders, and when unforeseen conditions make completion of bid preparations prior to the bid deadline impossible; 
      (4)   Disaster or other uncontrollable factors prevent bidders from acquiring information necessary for bid preparation;
      (5)   Other reasons as may be determined by the City Manager.
   (E)   If it is determined during the advertising period that additional time shall be allowed for the preparation of bids, the bid opening date may be extended by:
      (1)   Placing a notice specifying the revised bid opening date in the local newspaper with the largest circulation. The revised bid opening date shall be not less than seven (7) nor more than twenty-one (21) days after the appearance of the legal notice; or
      (2)   Issue an addendum to the invitation for bids. The addendum must be in writing, must be mailed or delivered to all holders of the invitation for bids, and must be acknowledged on the form of proposal by each bidder submitting a bid.
   (F)   An invitation for bids may be rescinded when:
      (1)   Conditions leading to the issuance of an invitation for bids change sufficiently to make the proposed purchase unnecessary.
      (2)   Funds for the proposed purchase are unavailable.
      (3)   It is apparent no bids will be received because the item or service is unavailable, bid prices will exceed the funds available for the item, and when major revisions in specifications are necessary to insure bids received will be responsive and responsible.
      (4)   It is determined by the City Manager that rescinding of invitations to bid would be in the best interest of the city.
   (G)   Bidders may be required to submit bids on forms provided by the city. Bids submitted on other forms may be rejected as nonresponsive.
(Ord. 2016-7, passed 8-9-16)