(A)   The City Manager shall have charge of the administration of the financial affairs of the city and to that end shall supervise and be responsible for the disbursement of all monies and have control over all expenditures to insure that appropriations are not exceeded.
   (B)   The City Manager shall exercise financial budgetary control over each office, department, and agency and shall cause separate accounts to be kept for the items of appropriation contained in the budget, each of which account shall show the amount of the appropriation, the amounts paid therefrom, the unpaid obligations against it, and the unencumbered balance. The same classification and numbering system used in the budget and required by this article shall be used. Unless the budget officer shall certify that there is a sufficient encumbered balance available, no appropriation shall be encumbered and no expenditure shall be made.
(Ord. 2016-7, passed 8-9-16)