The Board may provide, maintain and operate parks, playgrounds, recreation centers and buildings thereon and/or recreational system(s) according to law, and may employ trained or otherwise qualified parks superintendents, playground directors, supervisors, recreational superintendents, or other officers and employees as it deems proper. No person employed by the Board, or contracting with the Board, shall be deemed an employee, contractor or agent of the city or county and any such person shall not be eligible for retirement, health or other benefits from the city or the county or the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Board is authorized to accept any grant or devise of real estate or any bequest or gifts of money or any donation, the principal or income of which shall be used for parks, playground or recreational purposes, in the event of dissolution of this Board, any grant, devise or gift (not exhausted) shall revert in equal portions to the city and county.
(Res. 2011-33, passed 5-24-11)