(A)   The Chief of the Fire Department or inspectors of the Bureau of Fire Prevention, upon the complaint of any person or whenever he or they shall deem it necessary, shall inspect all buildings and premises within their jurisdiction.  Whenever any of the officers shall find any building or other structure which, for want of repairs, lack of or insufficient fire escapes, automatic or other fire alarm apparatus or fire-extinguishing equipment, or by reason of age or dilapidated condition, or from any other cause, is especially liable to fire, and which is so situated as to endanger other property or the occupants thereof, and whenever such officer shall find in any building combustible or explosive matter or flammable conditions dangerous to the safety of the building or the occupants, he or they shall order the dangerous conditions or materials to be removed or remedied and the order shall be immediately complied with by the owner or occupant of the premises or building.
   (B)   If the order is made by the Fire Inspector or any of his assistant inspectors, the owner or occupant may, within twenty-four (24) hours, appeal to the Chief of the Fire Department, who shall, within five (5) days, review the order and file his decision, and unless by his authority the order is revoked or modified, it shall remain in full force and be complied with within the time fixed in the order or decision of the Chief.  Provided, however, that any such owner or occupant may, within five (5) days after the making or affirming of any such order by the Fire Chief, file his petition with the Board of Commissioners requesting a review of the order and it shall be the duty of the court to hear the same within not less than five (5)  days  nor  more than ten (10) days from the time the petition is filed and to make the order in the premises.  The court’s decision shall be final.
   (C)   The parties so appealing to the Board of Commissioners shall file with the court within two (2) days a bond in an amount to be fixed by the court, to be approved by the court, conditioned to pay all the costs of the appeal in case the appellant fails to sustain his appeal or the appeal is dismissed for any cause.
(1976 Code, § 7-26)