(A)   The Chief of the Fire Department, Fire Inspector, or Deputy specially designated shall inspect, as often as may be necessary, but not less than four (4) times a year, all specially hazardous manufacturing processes, storages, or installations of acetylene or other gases, chemicals, oils, explosive and flammable materials, all interior fire alarms and automatic sprinkler systems, and such other hazards or appliances as the Chief shall designate, and shall make such orders as may be necessary for the enforcement of the laws and ordinances governing the same and for safeguarding of life and property from fire.
   (B)   It shall be the duty of the Chief to inspect, or cause to be inspected by the Bureau of Fire Prevention, or by the Fire Department officers and members, as often as may be necessary, but not less than two (2) times a year in outlying districts and four (4) times a year in the closely built portions of the city, all buildings, premises, and public thoroughfares except the interiors of private dwellings, for the purpose of ascertaining and causing to be corrected any conditions liable to cause fire, or any violations of the provisions or intent of any ordinance of the city affecting the fire hazard.
(1976 Code, §§ 7-22, 7-23)