§ 22.308  POWERS; DUTIES
   In performing its functions, the Commission shall have the following powers and duties:
   (A)   To employ an executive director and other necessary personnel within the limits of funds made available.  The executive director shall be a person who has training and experience in the field of inter-group relations;
   (B)   To conduct or arrange for research projects and studies into, and publish reports on, discrimination and progress in equal opportunity in the community;
   (C)   To accept gifts or bequests, grants, or other payments, public or private, to help finance its activities;
   (D)   To receive, initiate, investigate, seek to conciliate, and hold hearings on complaints alleging discrimination;
   (E)   To recommend methods for elimination of discrimination and inter-group tensions, and to use its best efforts to secure compliance with its recommendations;
   (F)   To cooperate with other inter-group relations agencies, both public and private, on the local, state, and national level in performing its functions;
   (G)   To cooperate with the various departments and agencies, both public and private, on the local, state, and national level in performing its functions under this article;
   (H)   To cooperate with the various departments, agencies, and boards of the cities and county or the Commonwealth in effectuating the purposes of this article;
   (I)   To enlist the support of civic, labor, religious, professional, and educational organizations and institutions in community activities and programs that will further the goal of this article;
   (J)   To organize community committees and councils that will work toward the goals of this article;
   (K)   To recommend legislation to the cities and the county legislative bodies and modes of executive action to the Mayors and County Judge-Executive that will effectuate the purposes of this article;
   (L)   To submit an annual report of its activities and of the progress and problems in inter-group relations in the community to the Mayors and to the County Judge-executive that will effectuate the purposes of this article.  This report shall include a record of attendance for Commission members; and
   (M)   To adopt, promulgate, amend, and rescind rules and regulations to effectuate the policies and provisions of this article.
(Ord. 25-81, §1(5), passed 9-8-81)