(A)   The Commission shall elect from its membership a Chairman and Treasurer, and may employ such personnel and make such contracts as are necessary to effectively carry out the purpose of KRS 91A.350 to 91A.390.  Such contracts may include, but shall not be limited to, the procurement of promotional services, advertising services, and other services and materials relating to the promotion of tourist and convention business; provided contracts of the type enumerated shall be made only with persons, organizations, and firms with experience and qualifications for providing promotional services and materials such as advertising firms, Chamber of Commerce, publishers, and printers.
   (B)   The Commission shall annually submit to the local governing body or bodies which establish it a request for funds for the operation of the Commission for the ensuing year.
(Ord. 92-20, passed 9-10-92)
Cross reference:
   Transient room tax, see  Ch. 67