(a)   In an "R" District, the following signs are permitted:
      (1)   For each dwelling unit, one unlighted nameplate not exceeding one square foot in area, indicating the name of the occupant; and
      (2)   For a structure other than a dwelling unit, one identification sign not exceeding ten square feet, except a church bulletin board, which shall not exceed twenty-four square feet.
   (b)   In a B or M District, identification plaques may be erected and maintained, subject to the following restrictions:
      (1)   The surface area shall not exceed thirty square feet.
      (2)   The maximum height above the ground of the highest portion of the plaque shall not exceed six feet.
      (3)   Identification plaques shall only identify a service performed or a business operated on the premises on which the plaque is located.
      (4)   Identification plaques shall be located only in grassy landscaped areas and shall be surrounded at their base by landscaping.
      (5)   Identification plaques shall, with respect to material and manner of construction, conform to all other restrictions set forth in this chapter.
(Adopting Ordinance; Ord. 2001-15.  Passed 3-12-01.)