1480.10  AWNINGS.
   (a)   Advertising Permitted. No advertising shall be placed on an awning, except that the name of the owner and the business, industry or pursuit conducted within the premises may be painted or otherwise permanently placed in a space not exceeding eight inches in height on the front and side portions thereof.
   (b)   Required Materials. Awnings may be constructed of fire-resistant cloth or metal.  All awning frames and supports shall be of metal.
   (c)   Minimum Height. All awnings shall be constructed and erected so that the lowest portion is not less than eight feet above the level of the sidewalk or other public thoroughfare.
   (d)   Projection. No awning shall extend beyond a point twelve inches inside the curb line.
   (e)   Maximum Size.  An awning shall not be larger than is necessary to protect and cover the window or the entrance over which it is erected.
   (f)   Attachment. Every awning shall be securely attached to and supported by the building.  Posts or columns beyond the building line are not permitted for awnings.  No awning shall be attached to the wood jambs, frames or other wood members of a building (frame buildings excepted) when such building is less than ten feet from public property.
(Adopting Ordinance; Ord. 2001-15.  Passed 3-12-01.)