(a)   Strength.  All signs and other advertising structures shall be designed and constructed to withstand a wind pressure of not less than forty pounds per square foot of area and shall be constructed to receive dead loads as required in the Building Code or other ordinances of the Village.
   (b)   Smooth Surfaces. All signs or other advertising structures which are constructed on street lines, or within five feet thereof, shall have a smooth surface.  No nails, tacks or wires shall be permitted to protrude therefrom, except electrical reflectors and devices which may extend over the top and in front of the advertising structures.
   (c)   Reflectors; Glare. Gooseneck reflectors and lights are permitted on ground signs and wall signs.  However, lights shall be installed only in such a manner that the direct rays of such lights are concentrated on the sign and prevented from causing a glare on, or striking, the street or nearby property, or the reflectors shall be provided with proper glass lenses concentrating the illumination upon the area of the sign so as to prevent glare upon the street or nearby property.
   (d)   Maintenance. All signs, together with all of their supports, braces, guys and anchors, shall be kept in repair and in a proper state of preservation.  The display surfaces of all signs shall be kept neatly painted or posted at all times.
(Adopting Ordinance; Ord. 2001-15.  Passed 3-12-01.)