(a)   Any temporary outdoor lighting that conforms to the requirements of this chapter shall be allowed.  Nonconforming temporary outdoor lighting may be permitted by the Plan Commission after considering the public and/or private benefits which will result from the temporary lighting, any annoyance or safety problems that may result from the use of the temporary lighting and the duration of the temporary nonconforming lighting.
   (b)   In order to obtain approval of temporary nonconforming lighting, the applicant shall submit an application for a variance for the proposed lighting to the Plan Commission, which shall consider the request at a duly called meeting of the Commission.  Prior notice by mail of the meeting of the Commission shall be given to the applicant and to those neighbors who are adjacent or contiguous to the property.  The Commission shall render its decision on the temporary lighting request within two weeks after the meeting at which it is considered.
(Ord. 1995-17.  Passed 5-22-95.)