1476.04  EXCEPTIONS.
   (a)   Luminaires used for public roadway illumination may be installed at a maximum height of twenty-five feet and may be positioned at the height up to the edge of any bordering property.
   (b)   All temporary emergency lighting needed by the Police Department, the Fire Department or other emergency services, as well as all vehicular luminaires, shall be exempt from the requirements of this chapter.
   (c)   All hazard warning luminaires required by Federal regulatory agencies are exempt from the requirements of this chapter, except that all luminaires used must be red and must be shown to be as close as possible to the Federally-required minimum lumen output requirement for the specific task.
   (d)   Where the adjacent lot is being used as parking in conjunction with the lot in which the lighting is located, the spi11-over lighting on the adjacent lot can exceed one-half foot-candle of illumination.
(Ord. 1995-17.  Passed 5-22-95; Ord. 2001-31.  Passed 7-23-01.)