(a)   Detention basins shall incorporate design features to capture storm water runoff pollutants.  In particular, designers shall give preference to wet bottom and wetland designs in locations adjacent to or near existing wetlands or in other areas where they are suitable and acceptable to the Village and all flows from the development shall be routed through the basin.
   (b)   Dry basins with low flow bypasses may be preferred in certain developments to enhance multiple uses where suitable and acceptable to the Village.  Retention and infiltration of storm water shall be promoted throughout the property's drainage system to reduce the volume of storm water runoff and to reduce the quantity of runoff pollutants.
   (c)   The drainage system should incorporate multiple uses where practicable.  Uses considered compatible with storm water management include open space, aesthetics, aquatic habitat, recreation, wetlands and water quality mitigation. The applicant should try to avoid using portions of the property exclusively for storm water management.
(Ord. 2008-06.  Passed 2-25-08.)