(a)   This chapter shall be applicable to all subdivision or site plan applications, unless eligible for an exemption or granted a waiver by the Village under the provisions of Section 1470.08 below.
   This chapter shall also apply to land development activities that are smaller than the minimum applicability criteria if such activities are part of a larger common plan of development that meets the applicability criteria set forth in this chapter, even though multiple separate and distinct land development activities may take place at different times on different schedules. 
   (b)   To prevent the adverse impacts of storm water runoff, the Village has developed a set of performance standards that must be met at new development sites, if determined to be applicable by the Village.  These standards apply to any construction activity disturbing one acre or more of land.  The following activities shall be exempt from these storm water performance criteria:
      (1)   Additions or modifications to existing single-family structures;
      (2)   Developments that do not disturb more than one acre of land, provided that they are not part of a larger common development plan; and
      (3)   Repairs to any storm water treatment practice deemed necessary by the Village.
   (c)   When a site development plan is submitted that qualifies as a redevelopment project as defined in Section 1470.06, decisions on permitting shall be determined by the Building Commissioner or his or her designee, and on-site storm water requirements shall be determined by the Village Engineer and the Director of Public Works or his or her designee.  This determination shall be dependent upon the amount of impervious area created by the redevelopment and its impact on water quality.  Final authorization of all redevelopment projects will be determined after a review by the Village.
(Ord. 2008-06.  Passed 2-25-08.)