The Building Commissioner shall be responsible for the general administration and enforcement of this chapter which shall include the following:
   (a)   Determining the Floodplain Designation.
      (1)   Check all new development sites to determine whether they are in a floodplain using criteria listed in Section 1462.05, Base flood elevation.
      (2)   If the site is in a floodplain, determine whether the site is in a floodway, flood fringe or in a floodplain for which a detailed study has not been conducted which drains more than one (1) square mile.
         A.   If the site is within a flood fringe, the Building Commissioner shall require that the minimum requirements of Section 1462.06 be met.
         B.   If the site is within a floodway, the Building Commissioner shall require that the minimum requirements of section 1462.07 be met.
         C.   If the site is located within a floodplain for which no detailed study has been completed and approved, the Building Commissioner shall require that the minimum requirements of Section 1462.08 be met.
   (b)   Professional Engineer Review.
      (1)   If the development site is within a floodway or in a floodplain for which a detailed study has not been conducted and which drains more than one square mile, the permit shall be referred to a P.E. under the employ or contract of the Village for review to ensure that the development meets the requirements of Sections 1462.07 and 1462.08.
      (2)   In the case of an appropriate use, the P.E. shall state in writing that the development meets the requirements of Section 1462.07.
   (c)   Dam Safety Requirements. Dams are classified as to their size and their hazard/damage potential in the event of failure. Permits for dams may be required from IDNR/OWR. Contact IDNR/OWR to determine if a permit is required. If a permit is required, a permit application must be made to IDNR/OWR prior to the construction or major modification of jurisdictional dams.
   (d)   Other Permit Requirements. Ensure that any and all required Federal, State and local permits are received prior to the issuance of a floodplain development permit, including, but not limited to, permits pertaining to the Clean Water Act, Public Water Supply, Endangered Species Act, Illinois Endangered and Species Protection Act.
   (e)   Plan Review and Permit Issuance.
      (1)   Ensure that all development activities, including new construction and substantial improvements, within the floodplain of the jurisdiction of the Village meet the requirements of this chapter.
      (2)   Issue a floodplain development permit in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and other regulations of this community when the development meets the conditions of this chapter.
   (f)   Inspection Review.
      (1)   Inspect all development projects before, during and after construction to assure proper elevation of the building and to ensure they comply with the provisions of this chapter.
      (2)   Schedule an annual inspection of the floodplain and document the results of the inspection.
   (g)   Substantial Damage and Substantial Improvement Determinations. Establish procedures for administering and documenting determinations, as outlined below, of substantial improvement and substantial damage made pursuant to Section 1462.09.
      (1)   Determine the market value or require the applicant to obtain an appraisal of the market value prepared by a qualified independent appraiser, of the building before the start of construction of the proposed work. In the case of repair, the market value of the building shall be the market value before the damage occurred and before any repairs are made.
      (2)   Compare the cost to perform the improvement, the cost to repair a damaged building to its pre-damaged condition, or the combined costs of improvements and repairs, if applicable, to the market value of the building.
      (3)   Determine and document whether the proposed work constitutes substantial improvement or substantial damage.
      (4)   Notify the applicant if it is determined that the work constitutes substantial improvement or repair of substantial damage and that compliance with the flood resistant construction requirements of the Village and this chapter is required.
   (h)   Elevation and Floodproofing Certificates. Maintain permit files including:
      (1)   An elevation certificate certifying the elevation of the lowest floor (including basement) of a residential or nonresidential building subject to Section 1462.09 of this chapter; and/or
      (2)   The elevation to which a nonresidential building has been floodproofed, using a floodproofing certificate, for all buildings subject to Section 1462.09 of this chapter.
   (i)   Records for Public Inspection. Maintain for public inspection and furnish upon request all permit records, including but not limited to base flood data, floodplain and designated floodway maps, copies of Federal or State permit documents, variance documentation, soil compaction records, conditional letter of map revision, letter of map revision, letter of map amendment, “as built” elevation, floodproofing certificates and elevation certificates for all buildings constructed subject to this chapter.
   (j)   Floodway Permits. For all development projects in a floodway, ensure that construction authorization has been granted by IDNR/OWR or a delegated community, or written documentation is provided stating that a permit is not required from IDNR/OWR, issued pursuant to 615 ILCS 5/5 et seq. Floodway permit requirements are specified in Sections 1462.07 and 1462.08 of this chapter.
   (k)   Cooperation with Other Agencies.
      (1)   Cooperate with State and Federal floodplain management agencies to improve base flood and floodway data and to improve the administration of this chapter;
      (2)   Submit data to IDNR/OWR and FEMA for proposed revisions of a regulatory map within 6 months whenever a modification of the floodplain may change the BFE or result in a change to the floodplain map;
      (3)   Submit records as required for the NFIP; and
      (4)   Notify FEMA of any proposed amendments to this chapter.
   (l)   Promulgate Regulations. Promulgate rules and regulations as necessary to administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter, subject however to the review and approval of IDNR/OWR and FEMA for any chapter changes.
   (m)   Variances. If a variance is to be granted, the Building Commissioner shall review the requirements of Section 1462.11 to make sure they are met. In addition, the Building Commissioner shall complete all notifications requirements.
   (n)   Enforcement. In order to assure that property owners obtain permits as required in this chapter, the Building Commissioner shall take any and all actions as outlined in Section 1462.13.
(Ord. 1991-17a.  Passed 4-8-91; Ord. 2008-20.  Passed 6-9-08; Ord. 2019-24.  Passed 10-14-19.)