(a)   Building permits shall be issued only after the final planned unit development and supporting data have been recorded with the County Recorder of Deeds, and shall be issued in full conformity with this Zoning Code. Proof of the recording of the final plat shall be provided to the Village Clerk.
   (b)   Building permits shall be issued by the Building Commissioner only after:
      (1)   All requirements of the Village Building Code are met;
      (2)   The deposit of the performance bond; and
      (3)   Approval by Council of the final plat.
   (c)   No plans shall be approved for a permit unless such plans are in accordance with the B.O.C.A. Basic Building Code for multifamily dwellings, are signed and sealed either by an architect licensed to practice architecture, as provided by the Illinois Architectural Act, by a structural engineer licensed to practice structural engineering, as provided by, the Illinois Structural Engineering Act, or by a registered professional engineer licensed to practice professional engineering, as provided by the Illinois Professional Engineering Act.
   (d)   All utilities shall be underground.