(a)   Acceptance. If any plat of a subdivision contains public streets or thoroughfares which are therein dedicated as such, whether located within the corporate limits of the Village or in part outside thereof, or contains streets located outside of the corporate limits, the approval of the plat by Council or the subsequent annexation of the property to the Village shall not constitute an acceptance for maintenance, clearing and cleaning purposes irrespective of any act by an officer, agent or employee of the Village with respect to such streets or improvements.
   The acceptance of such streets or thoroughfares for maintenance shall be made only by the adoption of a resolution by Council after there has been filed with the Village Clerk a certification by the Village Engineer certifying that improvements required to be constructed or installed in or upon such streets or thoroughfares, in connection with the approval of the final plat of the subdivision by Council, have been completed and the construction or installation thereof has been approved by him or her. The developer may request acceptance of such streets or thoroughfares for maintenance, clearing and cleaning after fifty-one percent of nonroadway improvements has been made and the Village shall accept such improvements subject to the guarantee stated in subsection (b) hereof.
   (b)   Guarantee. The developer shall guarantee the construction quality of all roadway and nonroadway improvements for a period of one year after completion of each.