(a)   The permittee shall pay additional permit fees to the Village for negligent false alarms, at the following rates:
      (1)   Upon the second negligent false alarm in any consecutive ninety-day period, thirty dollars ($30.00);
      (2)   Upon the third negligent false alarm in any consecutive ninety-day period, sixty dollars ($60.00); and
      (3)   For each subsequent false alarm in any consecutive ninety-day period, ninety dollars ($90.00).
   Repeated negligent false alarms may also result in termination of burglar alarm service.
   (b)   A negligent false alarm is defined as one caused by human error or omission, including the maintenance of a faulty or malfunctioning alarm system. It shall not include false alarms caused by an Act of God or power failures or surges.
   Negligent false alarms referred to in this chapter are alarms transmitted to electronic devices connected to the Southwest Central Dispatch Center.
   (c)   In computing the consecutive ninety-day period for assessing negligent false alarm fees, a new consecutive ninety-day period shall commence when there have been no negligent false alarms transmitted by a permittee for thirty consecutive days. A "day" within such a period shall be deemed to be a period of twenty-four hours commencing at 12:00 midnight of each day.
   (d)   Nothing contained in this section shall be deemed to reduce a permittee's liability to prosecution or for damages, criminal or civil, for the willful transmission of false alarms to the Village or to the Fire Department of the permittee's district.
(Ord. 1986-16. Passed 4-28-86.)